The products you purchase from SK Natural Sound are covered by the official manufacturer’s warranty and original spare parts.

Our laboratory also provides the service of repair, restoration and upgrade of electronic and acoustic systems.

For this we have specific solders for each case, cables of the highest purity optimized for audio, Mundorf electronic components, Duelund Coherent Audio and many more.

A sound system is a very delicate piece of timepiece in which small mistakes or oversights can considerably affect the final sound quality.

The laying of cables, the distance between the components and their arrangement, are some basic factors to consider.

If you are located within the AMBA and Greater Buenos Aires area, the products you purchase at SK Natural Sound will be sent to our installers, who will be able to solve the problems that this generates at no cost.

You can always count on us to advise you on our products, purchase the system you want or achieve the sound of your dreams. Our trajectory in the world of high-end audio allows us to report it from solid bases and with more than tangible evidence.

According to your taste, we can recommend an accessory, the replacement of a component or project the most sophisticated system together with you, guaranteeing, thanks to the final result, your total satisfaction. Our advice will also include the bases of the acoustic treatment necessary for your space or room and for this we can carry out measurements with instruments free of charge.

For the acoustic treatment we have the support of the company ARTNOVION.

We invite you to visit their website https://www.artnovion.com where you can discover an excellent and innovative proposal in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.